Resource Usage and Spend Analytics
  • Visibility into product cost trends to properly strategize cost optimization.
  • Analysis of infrastructure usage type to identify hidden resource usage costs.
  • Analysis of different OS platforms for optimizing spending as cost of cloud providers may vary depending upon the OS platform.
  • Analyzing resource count and cost by the region as per the business needs, as region wise pricing and licensing of different cloud providers vary.
Capacity Planning and Resource Optimization
  • Consultation services for resource management and optimization.
  • Guidance for consolidating workloads to prevent space from being wasted.
  • Reporting, analytics & visualization for capacity planning.
  • Calculated information about how much space a service or an application will need now and in future, for better capacity planning.
  • Checks to ensure that systems are running full capability and providing services that meet SLAs.
Tagging and Audit Trails
  • Analysis and association of costs by tagging usage with different organizational units – departments, projects etc.
  • Resource tagging for analyzing infrastructure service costs.
  • Better adjustment of infrastructure as per tagged groups.
  • Reports to identify resource usage cost trends for driving maximum cost effectiveness.
Custom Invoicing
  • Single place invoicing for different cloud vendors.
  • Scheduled, recurring, automated invoicing to reduce errors associated with manual calculations.
  • All invoice data gets automatically backed up so you can check your invoice history and print them as needed.
  • One click accessibility for all your cloud billing related data.
Spend and Usage Forecasting
  • Forecast reports based on cloud usage trends to make more informed decision for cloud spending.
  • Resource usage assessment and forecasting based on different clouds and instance types.
  • Guidance regarding how current workloads or systems can be modified for handling increased workloads.