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  • Healthcare – Path Lab
  • Anatomic pathology. The study of tissues, organs, and tumors.
  • Cytopathology. The study of cellular changes and everything related to cells.
  • Forensic pathology. Performance of autopsies and legal pathology tests.
  • Molecular pathology.
  • Healthcare Full Body Check-Up
  • Health Check-ups & related information about your body.
  • Our Preventive Check-up programs are specifically designed to detect, monitor and prevent potential health problems and help you lead healthier lives.

Helping you provide healthcare experience – better and quicker!

Quickly add new services
With flexible pricing models and packaging, we ensure that new services can be added in a trice with less to no operational hitches. Customize pricing models per your need – recurring, one-time or usage-based. Test in real time to fulfill demands of dynamic healthcare industry.
Manage complete subscriber lifecycle
Manage end-to-end subscriber lifecycle – upgrades, downgrades, renewals, add-ons, terminations etc. Experience automated order processing, setup and much more. This translates to improved freedom-of-operation for health and medical service providers.
Get real-time insights
For providing good healthcare services, you need all data analyzed. Get access to key subscription metrics, like accounts receivables and revenue. Reconcile massive information into meaningful graphs for better decision making.
Provide patients privacy and maintain data security
The subscriber records are stored in safe data repositories. Features like user roles, permissions, IP restrictions and two-factor authentication further tightens the security of crucial data. Our platform complies with the highest security standards of the healthcare industry.