Plan and Pricing
Do your best work anywhere, anytime – and with anyone.
  • HRMS – Human Resource Management
  • Infinite hierarchies (org units) can be created along with complex escalation settings
  • India’s most comprehensive employee data with more than 450 attributes
  • Smooth exit formalities with clearance process
  • Organizational & employee reporting charts
  • Seamless employee movement across legal entities
  • HRMS – Payroll Management
  • Configure numerous Bank-statement format and Pay-Slip format
  • Hassle free Investment declaration and approvals along with documentation
  • Salary, FFS and Increment related process all in just few seconds
  • More than 65 Statutory Reports just for payroll


Track attendance, manage time
With us, create a better workplace and save everyone’s time. Consolidate attendance information from multiple places, devices, customize timings, leaves, schedule jobs and get freedom from manual data entry tasks.
Maintain centralized data safely
With a unified dashboard, manage all HR actions easily – search employees, view their data, set favorites, see hierarchies and analyze different reports.
Automate your workflows
Schedule and set mail alerts for shift changes. Schedule reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, events and more. Assign and manage all HR related tasks with ease from a single panel.
Gain valuable insights, simplify performance reviews
With complete employee data availability at a single place, identify employee strengths and training requirements. Collect reviews, set goals and track all data for employee betterment.
Promote self- service
With our HRMS module, employees can update their data from time to time, like skills, address, phone numbers; view mark-in/mark-out times; apply for leaves; and a lot more. Managers can access relevant HR data of subordinates, approve their leaves/requests and do better tasks’ management.
Tailor it to your needs
You can create flexi-timings; assign user roles and provide necessary permissions; add forms for employee benefits; manage policies for overtime, travel, exit etc. You can define different functions as needed by your organization and can further integrate your HRMS with other systems or software in your organization.