Plan and Pricing
Do your best work anywhere, anytime – and with anyone.
  • Advertising Direct marketing options
  • Demographics based audience targeting
  • Account-based targeting
  • Relevant audience segments
  • Extension of audience across network of sites.
  • Advertising Site sponsorships
  • 600×90 and 302×270 banner options.
  • Sponsor ad via e-Newsletter – 1 time a month to site subscribers.
  • Guest blog invitation – to promote thought leadership – 1 time a month.
  • 5 permanent resources – articles/news/PRs with links to sponsor site and distribution via monthly e-newsletter and social media posts.
  • Social Media Promotions – Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Lead generation.


Monetize your content
With us, you get the freedom to define your products. You can create standard plans for yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly subscriptions or can set flexible charging models for – a single download or article or any other piece of content. Run promotions, offer discounts – just to find out what excites your subscribers.
Provide exceptional user experience
We make accessing services and buying processes so seamless that subscribers just order intuitively. Subscribers get to choose the way they want their content and receive automated invoices for the same. They get to pay using a method that’s convenient to them and access their services across any device.
Build long-term relationships
Serve personalized experiences to your media subscribers – cater to their preferences with a variety of plans and consumption models. Empower them with self-service portal that they can access from any device and any location. This data can then be utilized for better serving them with customized content.
Gain valuable insights to serve subscribers better
Your subscribers are not numbers, accounts or demographics. They wish to be treated as individuals. Serve them targeted, engaging content through insights that you gain with our smart analytics and reporting. Get visibility into orders, usage statistics, subscription cycles, articles read and their response to promotions – to serve them better.
Measure your business success
With Business Intelligence (BI), you can measure your business subscriptions and thus, your success. Get subscription related metrics like ARR, MRR, churn and usage in real time – make it accessible to your team by defining user roles and setting permissions.
Serve to the globe
We arm you to serve global audience with multiple currencies, safe payment systems, various payment gateways, international tax compliances – take your place on the international stage.